A huge hobby and passion of mine is overall wellness. I place an importance on nourishing my body through whole foods and minimising refined sugars, MSG, processed foods and alcohol in my “diet”. I make a habit of preparing many of the foods I eat (including for my son) from scratch. I never used to go into much of an effort in the kitchen in my early twenties but now that I am a wife and mother I have had to commit to giving it a go, and making up some recipes of my own or improvising from time to time.

Even though I gather inspiration for some recipes I use from others – I sometimes create my own meals or snacks which become favourites and a staple in our house. I will record them on my blog in case other mothers or women find them appealing and may want to make them also!

I have also added a fitness tab and have included a couple of workouts on there that I have found extremely effective. I more often than not construct my own workouts as I am predominantly self trained, so I have written a few down for anyone who may be interested. I have only included a couple but if anyone would like any other suggestions of at home workouts they can complete please email me and I would be happy to send some to you!


Enjoy 🙂