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My birth story ❥

It’s several days post birth of my second son Makaio and I wanted to start writing up his birth story whilst it was still fresh in my mind. Sadly I never wrote the birth story for my first son Jonah. Although I remember the major points of his birth, some details are a bit blurry… Continue reading My birth story ❥

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Mums behaving badly

I’ve wanted to write a blog on this subject for quite some time but wanted to wait until I had a bit more time under my belt as a mother before I did. After all, once noticing that the world of motherhood wasn’t what I thought it would be from a few weeks post partum,… Continue reading Mums behaving badly

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My joy of breastfeeding

I uploaded a photo of me breastfeeding my son well over 4 months ago and did a small write up under the photo of my thoughts towards breastfeeding and how they had changed in the short few weeks of becoming a mum. Being that it was just World Breastfeeding Week I thought I'd elaborate more… Continue reading My joy of breastfeeding