Healthy Recipes

I am no mastermind in the kitchen I assure you! I’m gaining more momentum and confidence these days in creating my own recipes but this has only been the last couple of years. I used to only cook a couple of dinners a week in my early twenties (what the heck was wrong with me!!??) and lacked confidence and creativity in the kitchen big time. I would barely even try! Come about 23/24 years of age I progressed to basic and regimented food prep everyday for lunches, with basic stirfrys, bolognaise or meat and 3 vege for dinner consistently every single night. So I haven’t always had any recipes I would even dream of sharing until the past couple of years. Now is a different story – I am always on the hunt for recipe ideas and inspiration for meals I can make. I have even now been getting into baking!!! 😳😝

As I continue to experiment I will archive more of my creations on this site for anyone interested. I only have a small collection so far but it’s a start 👍🏼 To me these recipes are really tasty, but also nutritious. I won’t have one without the other component. I encourage eating whole foods to nourish the body and place just as much of an emphasis on micronutrients as I do on macronutrients.

No, I never weigh my food and I never will! Unless for weight loss reasons I don’t think it’s really necessary. I just enjoy decent portions of healthy and quality food each day and don’t count calories. My theory is, if you eat close to the ground and avoid too many pre packaged items you’re safe. All of my recipes are healthy as I steer clear of processed foods and refined sugars with the exception of a naughty treat now and then. I try to avoid MSG and artificial sweeteners at all times in my food as these are toxic and dangerous for the body. This is why I don’t take mainstream supplements ever, with the exception of a clean refined sugar free protein powder I use for baking.

I don’t have any food intolerances so don’t strive to make gluten free recipes as I don’t need to, however by accident some of them are. I will stipulate somewhere on each recipe whether or not it is, and if not what ingredient you can replace what I’ve used so that it can be 👍🏼 Some recipes are entirely my own and others I have drawn inspiration from others and altered and modified the ingredients to make something I prefer. So I will stipulate that also!

I have divided my small collection of recipes into a Sweet and Savoury page for you all!