For many years I have come up with my own workouts to do at whichever gym I’m training at. There are times (including now) where I pay for personal training or 1 on 1 coaching, specialised classes at a particular training facility or Pilates classes (I’m doing all the above at the moment!) – however aside from those times I motivate myself to get to the gym, and train what I feel like training.

I often throw together high intensity circuits or met con workouts for myself to complete in a short time frame so I can get in and out of the gym. Long gone are the days where I spend 2 hours training. I’m not obsessed anymore – I have a life now. Plus I believe I train smarter. There are days where I’ll just do a decent squat session or heavier leg/upper body day but in the past year my preferred method of training is HIIT. It’s really tough, it gets you fit FAST, burns fat and helps even out problem areas, and is very time efficient! 👊🏼

I’ve had many people ask me to suggest workouts for them to do (I’m not a qualified PT just FYI) and I kinda just always wing it. However I have recorded some that I’ve come up with, these ones are usually my favourites. As I do more that I like I’ll add them but here are a few of my most liked workouts that I’ve recorded!!




My Christmas Day WOD


(Phil and I did this workout last year on Christmas Day and I was 33 weeks pregnant! I remembered it since then as it was the 25th and we were the only ones in the gym at the time haha!!)


3 rounds as fast as you can:

• 200 metre row

• 15 metre bear crawl

• 15 sled run

• 15 metre sled pull

• 15 Kettlebell swings

• 15 cals on assault bike

• 15 hanging leg raises (hubby did these but I didn’t being pregnant)

It gets the heart rate up that’s for sure! A real burner but also so much fun as there is quite a varience in movements and muscles used!


After I’d cooled down from this session I took my 33 week bump shot! I thought I was so massive here! I look back and realise I was quite small 😁 I was still very mobile and training at quite a high intensity at this point, and you can see I hadn’t lost much muscle at all.





“B” WOD 

I came up with a fast paced high intensity circuit of exercises all starting with a “b” and did it 4 times through and thought it was a good one to record! Should take about 20 mins give or take depending on how many times you need to stop for your little ones!


15 burpees

15 ball slams

15 bent over rows

15 box jumps

30 bicycles

30 battle rope slams (Double arm)

▪️ Rest for 1-2 mins between each round so you can do all the movements with integrity without compromising your form because you’re puffed out 👊🏼




Don’t have a gym membership or have limited equipment? Not a problem – you can still get a decent workout in and see results just like someone who does go to the gym. It’s all about finding that motivation to go to your garage or local park to work up a sweat. If you can do that, then you will make progress when you combine it with eating correctly!

Here is a good workout to try (no equipment needed) :

Mark out approximately 20 meters at a park or oval – use a water bottle or even your pram to mark out the finish 😝
Sprint 20 metres (full pace or 3/4 depending on energy or capacity) then do walking lunges back to start point.

Follow with ➡️

20 sit-ups
20 air squats
20 squat pulses
20 jumping sumo squats (also called pop squats)

Sprint 20 metres again and then bear crawl back to start point.

Follow with ➡️

20 scissor abs
20 air squats
20 squat pulses
20 jumping jacks


Do both of those through again, making 4 rounds! 👊🏼 It’s a killer!