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My birth story ❥

It’s several days post birth of my second son Makaio and I wanted to start writing up his birth story whilst it was still fresh in my mind. Sadly I never wrote the birth story for my first son Jonah. Although I remember the major points of his birth, some details are a bit blurry… Continue reading My birth story ❥

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My joy of breastfeeding

I uploaded a photo of me breastfeeding my son well over 4 months ago and did a small write up under the photo of my thoughts towards breastfeeding and how they had changed in the short few weeks of becoming a mum. Being that it was just World Breastfeeding Week I thought I'd elaborate more… Continue reading My joy of breastfeeding

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May the blogging begin – my first entry

No body needs a large following on social media to start a blog. I almost can't believe that in the opening line of my own blog I'm stating that. However in an age where ones opinion of another seems to rest on what their social media status or "image" is, I think I can get… Continue reading May the blogging begin – my first entry