The game of likes and follows

A couple of months ago a mother I follow on Instagram mentioned a Followers App on one of her posts. I was instantly curious about it and asked her what it was. I was told it was an app you could get that tracks who follows you, unfollows you, blocks you or deletes likes/comments they’ve made on your posts (the last 2 points I discovered about this app myself!)

I immediately went and downloaded this app as soon as I found out, even though this friend cautioned that it can sometimes be hurtful if you find out about certain people who unfollow you who you assumed were your friend. I can see why some people may be offended or hurt from this, or on the other end of the spectrum those that would rather not know. I am however, one of those people that LOVE to know these sorts of things. Although I won’t tell a falsehood and say I haven’t been slightly offended now and then – or even confused….but my strong desire and urge to know truth in general far outweighs any other emotional reaction that may come afterwards. Call this blog entry a mini social experiment or a collation of my findings, observations and the opinions and stories of others I’ve spoken to. I’m merely exploring one thin spoke of a very large umbrella subject here so this does come across as analytical.

My friends list on Instagram is small and intimate. I haven’t tried to aggressively build my account (this takes committing too much time to social media and I have been outwardly opposed to this as I want a life away from a screen!) I am in no way instafamous or popular by any means. I rather like it this way.

This does mean that without being deliberately petty I do notice and monitor  when my followers numbers decrease or increase. I just want to know who. Call it curiousity, a strange desire to catch a disloyal person out, identify those who are disgruntled, playing the social media game, a cowardly so called friend…..etc etc the list goes on – and I do it for all the above. To some degree if you discover that someone who poses to be your friend in “real life” but unfollows you on Instagram doesn’t this warrant a justified question to oneself? Have you just discovered them to be a liar? That seems a bit heavy but in a world driven and fuelled by social media for news, entertainment, friendships, relationships, business, inspiration and gossip – can’t we just come out and admit that likes and follows do mean a lot more than we realise and they do signify something deeper?



✖️ Side note ✖️

Some people would probably say “who cares it’s just social media it doesn’t count or matter!” – as if this sort of thing is pointless. Which lets face it, as much as even I don’t like to admit – social media holds a lot of weight and does tie strongly in with your identity even if it shouldn’t. Which is why my attention has been drawn to this curiosity and like of this app. When sticky subjects like unfollowing someone or not liking posts on social media comes into it some women like to pull that whole “who cares about social media” card. Funny that – those exact people post about the most significant moments and memories in their life, vent or whinge, promote their body, CHILDREN or business on their account but will say this sort of thing doesn’t matter when it suits them. When we ALL know that we’ve stalked, unfollowed, bitched about or compared ourselves to accounts, photos and posts before. So to anyone rolling their eyes at this blog post – get over yourself. This whole subject would ring true to you also. You’re not above it all and would no doubt delve into it more than the average. I’m just one of few women who are blogging about it. And this won’t be the last time I do! ✖️✖️


Annnnyyyyyway! So while having this app and discovering a few surprises of my own with people deleting or unfollowing me it’s got me brainstorming even more than usual about the confusing, conflicting and colourful world of social media and how it has an effect on us. I have some theories of my own and I believe many of them to hold some truth. In some regards I’d classify this app and time browsing social media to be a form of personal research sometimes. The psychology behind what social media does to people and society fascinates me. Some of my observations and theories based on that I will share……

So what does it mean or signify when a woman unfollows your account and you catch them out?

✖️ I’m not talking about a complete random or stranger you’ve had no interaction with whatsoever by the we can’t explain or confront every move or unfollow made on social media. I’m referring to a friend, whether that be in your inner circle or mid circle, someone you’ve had a history with (an old friend) or someone you’ve developed a new connection with. ✖️

In my opinion it most likely means you’ve been shunned or excluded to some degree or straight out dumped as a friend. The reasons could be anything from her being offended in some way you may not know of (and let’s face it, if she’s thinking she’s secretly deleted you and doesn’t count on your knowing it’s unlikely she’s going to sit you down and tell you WHY she’s offended), one of your posts struct a nerve and she needs time away from you, there’s been an obvious offence committed that you both DO know of, hidden jealousies that have built up over time and have gradually become too much so she can’t face your posts in her news feed….OR you’ve just been dumped hard out as a friend. This can make women feel betrayed, used, abandoned, confused, angry, excluded and hurt.



Reading into it too much? Unlikely. Women are precise. We are deliberate, we are jealous, we can be conniving and bitchy, we have been known to seek drama and gossip, we strategically make moves. Is it likely an unfollow is accidental? No way. I frequently ask women I meet and encounter about their experiences with social media so I know that the reasons I have above are accurate. There are probably more reasons I haven’t covered.


This quote rings so true to copious amounts of friendships worldwide.


You do get people who will go off you for whatever reason for a while – but instead of going to the extent of unfollowing or unfriending you, they will give you the cold shoulder and ignore all your posts and photos. They will never comment or like them, and if ever confronted they say they’ve missed it in their feed or haven’t been online much. Hmm interesting as you can check when a person likes a photo on Instagram and clearly see how active they’ve been – and often bitchy women will like posts either side of when yours gets put up and deliberately not like yours and ignore it. These women go half way with punishing you for whatever reason (often the issue lies with them!) but won’t go quite to the extent of dismissing you entirely. Puzzling to say the least.

There are the odd few who loudly alert that they will be unfollowing. Bravo for your direct honest approach 👏🏼 Even I wish I was more like this! I’ve seen women openly post on others photos that they disagree strongly with that particular message or image. It would appear that particular person they followed is no longer what they seem and they make a firm decision to unfollow and say so. It’s admirable that some people can be so clear cut about their convictions. I’ve abruptly unfollowed people due to religiously offensive posts, or frequent swearing (can’t stand swearing!) because I don’t want to see that in my news feed. I haven’t told them that I’ve deleted them though because none of these people were close to me. I think sometimes an abrupt unfollow is warranted without explanation if that person is a random or a distant acquaintance. Do you agree? I mean we are entitled to make a firm split decision in the moment aren’t we, if an offence is quite shocking? What does seem unpardonable are the friends that play slow ongoing games with you based on things unbeknown to you, which is completely different from being suddenly offended.

As upfront as I generally am social media has also made me a slight coward behind a screen at times so I cannot just point fingers! I’ll tell you a story concerning an old “friend” (in real life) who followed me on Instagram. I also followed her. Before I discovered this app she had unfollowed me. I noticed for a long while she had not made any comments or liked my photos (not even the ones of my son) so I knew it went beyond her being too busy and missing all my posts. She has a friends list that is like a 6th of mine so her news feed wouldn’t have been busy. My suspicion was that she was jealous. Perhaps of my happiness in life? Not 100% sure. She’s married herself but in my opinion has always been deeply insecure and troubled. Her attitudes can swing like a pendulum. I don’t know exactly when she deleted me but I will say that while she was obviously growing a distaste for me, mine was growing for her. Her posts had become contradictory to her so called beliefs, they were just dull and boring, self congratulatory and lacked any form of interest or inspiration to me. I wanted to unfollow her but didn’t want to be exposed doing so and followed her for many many weeks out of obligation. So petty really isn’t it? I’m just being truthful. If I had this app and knew when she unfollowed I could have just put myself out of my misery and knew where we stood earlier!! Instead I went through all my followers to see if she was one of them and nope, she was gone. So immediately I unfollow her. Seems teenage really but I know I’m not the only one who has felt obligation to be “friends” with someone on social media when any form of a friendship had become long lost. I just wish I could have been honest with myself and her a lot earlier, known the truth sooner.

Anyway this story was to show you that I am not above being caught up in pettiness on Instagram either. It wasn’t a close friendship so it wasn’t mourned but it was an old friendship that was enough to notice, if I make sense. In this scenario should she have told me herself the friendship was over? Instead of slipping away in a cowardly manner? I ask these questions as I’m not entirely sure. Is there a right or wrong answer? Letting things go seems to be the easiest way around many of these dramas tied up with social media friends lists but we are allowed to wonder.


Social media can be strategic, almost political and underlyingly bitchy most of the time. Another observation I’ve made before and after getting this app is the follow for follow game playing and if I could name some names you’d be very surprised who plays along.

There are those women/mothers on social media who have a large following (way more than I do!) and out of the blue will start following me. I’m all like “hmmm ok that’s strange” but then a small part of me thinks “hey maybe she liked something I posted or thinks we have something in common!”

I just hang back, observe them (it’s like there’s a post follow surveillance period 😂) and check out their profile to see what they are about. This usually takes days. I don’t just follow anyone and I’m proud of my small list of people I choose to follow! In this short time of a few days they’ve liked a few photos, made a couple of generalised comments and then unfollowed me. Why? I can speculate it’s mainly due to the fact they never liked my account or found me interesting, never thought we had anything in common or wanted to be my friend. They simply followed me so my attention would be drawn to them and I’d follow back! Because I fail to do so, they unfollow. Ahhh the games. It’s a strategy to gain more followers and it’s so bizarre! I’m sure many of you know exactly what I mean!

But wait, then there are those who do the above plus more. Weeks pass, then they follow you again for the second time. The whole process repeats. Man I tell you what this is commitment to picking up that one extra follower if I ever did see it. They throw out the bait again with more likes and comments in hope I’ll respond and they will hook me. Pity for them I’m just not that daft and frankly not interested in them or their account especially after the previous deception (some of these are mothers accounts too might I add!) Sure enough an unfollow occurs again. What’s even more confusing is some of these people watch my Instagram stories even after I’m unfollowed?  😏🤔 So odd. So maybe they do find me interesting after all. I start thinking maybe I AM worth stalking? Haha it’s a mind boggle this whole following game.

Men aren’t exempt either…I should really include them as my observations have included them also. They do delve into the “follow for a follow” and it’s so petty. One being a boyfriend of one of my friends 😂 Well mate, one way to get me thinking you’re a mature man who doesn’t treat life like a popularity contest 🙄

Many of these observations I’ve made confuse me or make me laugh and shake my head. Who knows the right etiquette to social media usage? Do any of us? Where does honesty come into it? Telling someone you no longer find what they say or post on social media interesting, truthful, wholesome or motivating. Do we avoid confrontation completely now and allow buttons or tabs on a screen to communicate for us? Why do people play games on social media? Is it all just a popularity contest? Can an unfollow bring an end to a friendship? To this question my answer is – I believe it can. Because social media is personal. It means more than it should, and in some cases should mean more to those than it does due to the content they post on there.

It’s a huge contradiction and a maze of people who want a greater number of people to love them and notice them (or in some cases not them personally but their children 😳) That’s a huge void of insecurity in people’s lives and hearts that social media has the impossible task of filling. And it isn’t doing a good job. It cannot possibly fulfill it. Playing the following and likes game won’t add true value to your life, and will only take from true friendships you may have made. A number indicating an amount of people who follow you should not define you or how you act toward others. As much as social media can create relationships between people or connect them, it can also ruin and destroy them. Push you to compare and compete. You’ve got to navigate your way around with the precision and care of a rally car driver to avoid major disasters.

Does social media alter the way we socialise and act towards others? This is a question we need to ask ourselves. Are your followers as genuine as you may think? You may have a large number but how many of them follow you simply to watch you fall and relish in your failings instead of offering true friendship? That’s why I don’t envy people with a large following lists. You have 20 thousand  followers but only 1000-2000 likes? That accounts for a lot of potentially disinterested, inactive, jealous, sticky beak or fake followers on your account – and I wouldn’t want that AT all just for the appearance of being popular.




All I will conclude with from my own experiences with this app is I am enjoying knowing truth in an arena that is full of lies. It makes me feel like I have some sort of honest feedback. It allows me to track the game playing so I can avoid certain people who seem to partake in it. So to those people who are posing as friends who are playing the game with me – I see you 👀


Just some food for thought peeps. Hope I got you all thinking ✌🏼️

Take care out there!

J xx


My joy of breastfeeding

I uploaded a photo of me breastfeeding my son well over 4 months ago and did a small write up under the photo of my thoughts towards breastfeeding and how they had changed in the short few weeks of becoming a mum. Being that it was just World Breastfeeding Week I thought I’d elaborate more on my experience with breastfeeding my son using what I originally wrote as a template – explaining how and why I went from being feared of it, to it becoming something I now enjoy immensely and have gradually come to love!


The first breastfeeding photo I took in March, Jonah was about 5-6 weeks old and I felt to write a post about how much my views on breastfeeding had changed!


I’ve taken a few lovely breastfeeding photos over the months. I love looking back on them 💜


Breastfeeding was the one thing after labour that I was dreading the most about motherhood. I dreaded it more than tears and tantrums, more than the fear of not bouncing back to my pre baby body and having abs anymore, loosing my high level of fitness, even more than sleepless nights and over tiredness (I’ve been very precious with my sleep for years and dreaded not getting the same 9-10 hours per night so it’s a big deal to fear anything more than that!) I know this all sounds rather dramatic and my list of anxieties were long but I am just being honest here.

Some women look forward to experiencing breastfeeding and soaking up that feeling of nursing their baby – but I never did. I was anxious at the very thought and the idea of a baby sucking at my breast was a turn off and somewhat unbearable. I was fine with watching other mothers breastfeed but for myself imagining it was too much.

In the weeks leading up to having Jonah I started to massage my nipples with oil to try and prepare them for the stimulation that was to come. I was recommended to do this by a few mothers and was told it would help. Even doing this after the shower made me feel uncomfortable and I would get this wirey, agitated and flushed feeling come over me and I could barely even massage my own nipples because of it. Aside from that they were so sensitive – and not in a good way. I didn’t want to even touch them myself, let alone a tiny mouth being attached to them!!! I would cringe thinking of how much harder it would be to tolerate a baby sucking than my own hands and fingers massaging.

I even cried to my husband about this, in doubt that I could cope or endure it, and he would try and say the right things to console me. He even said that if it was too much and I couldn’t manage it, that he would not expect me to continue. He assured me there would be no pressure on me from him and we could use formula after a few days if breastfeeding didn’t work out. This would calm me down of course and I thought “yep I have an immediate plan B in place as I think I’ll need it.”

I’d made comments over the months like “oh if I make sure I feed my child for a month I’ll be happy.” In my mind I planned to only feed for a month at some points, then only 3 months maximum. I’d put time limits on it as I didn’t want to do it and felt unenthusiastic and apprehensive about it. I feared the pain from it and all the stories I’d heard of things that can go wrong. Cracked and bleeding nipples, mastitis, baby not latching properly, not having enough supply…. to name a few. I also feared the task of giving so much of myself to feeding and everything that surrounded that. Like many other people I did have a very prominent selfish side before having a child. I feared how much of my life would be consumed by feeding, being woken up, burping etc etc.

After a while I thought to pray to the Lord for help in this area, about my feelings towards this natural process. I don’t know why I didn’t pray sooner to be honest. I also know that although I did turn to God to ask His help, I still doubted myself and what he could really do to change my mind about this daunting task that lie ahead (that’s how I viewed it!). It wasn’t until after my labour did I really rely on Him to help enable me to do what He had made me (a woman and mother) to do. I asked him to help my outlook on it and to physically cope with the demands of it. Praise God He did more than that!

From the very start Jonah was a perfect feeder, had a perfect latch and suck. He has a big mouth and big lips so this helps I was told. When I was in hospital and he was feeding for the first 2 days, I did experience dry and slightly chapped nipples. It reminded me of when I was young and I forgot to wear lip balm to school on a cold windy winters day and came home with chapped lips that stung a little. My nipples felt and looked like that. So naturally I got worried and nearly had a melt down thinking my nipples weren’t doing so well. The lanolin balm came in really handy I tell you what! I grew an attachment to that stuff!! Also my left nipple would sting when Jonah would latch on a feed for the first few seconds so I instantly got insecure and feared that he wasn’t latching properly and causing me pain on that side.

It wasn’t until I went to a class held at the hospital after the second day of staying there and saw a very experienced lactation consultant did my insecurity fade considerably. She watched me feed Jonah and was so encouraging, told me he was a great feeder and latcher. She also told me what to look for to know if he’s feeding properly, and assured me that the slight sting did not mean he wasn’t latching correctly and that it was more my nipple getting used to the sucking. I was so relieved.

I admit I was also a lot slower to whinge after going to that class and seeing about 8 other women around me have a very hard time feeding their babies! Some women’s babies were not even latching on the nipple properly and they had to squeeze the colostrum out with their fingers (it looked painful and uncomfortable!) and feed their baby through a syringe! This seemingly was quite frustrating for mother and baby and was resulting in tears from mum and a lot of crying from the baby. Some other women had bleeding and cracked nipples and I really felt for them. I looked at Jonah asleep peacefully after I had the lactation consultant watch and guide me feeding him for a few minutes and I felt like a fool for being so dramatic and working myself up over nothing when other women actually did have something to be frustrated or upset about. I couldn’t believe I nearly had a melt down over chapped nipples that stung a little bit. I’m so precious sometimes, with anything to do with my body I always have been. Becoming a mother has really helped work some of that out of me.


Jonah’s first feed. Although I looked happy here (more so relieved it was all over!) in my mind I was SO apprehensive and anxious about him feeding even then. He seemed very calm and peaceful so if it wasn’t for that I would have worked myself up I think!


Once I got over this initial hurdle the next wave of fear about feeding came. I feared day 3 or 4 when my milk was due to come. Although I know this varies for everyone, I feared the next stage and all the cluster feeding that was to come. My milk came in at day 3 and my body didn’t handle it well. Like every other woman I had boobs like Dolly Parton – they were HUGE!!! 😳 So round and orb like. They were rock hard. I was almost intimidated by them. I don’t fancy large breasts and don’t aspire to have them…so I was thinking “gosh I hope they go down in size, image training with boobs this big, what a set back!” I don’t know how women can get implants now after having boobs like that for a couple of days! My body must of been in shock I think because the huge boobs were just the start – it took a hard hit. I had the sweats so badly, soaring temperatures one hour to then having the shakes from being so cold the next, a splitting headache, almost fainting from feeling light headed several times. I was as pale as a ghost and felt shockingly depleted and ill. I was confined to the couch and only got up when needed to feed Jonah and go to the toilet. This lasted almost a whole day, but the fevers only lasted a few hours. So that wasn’t the best experience! However Jonah didn’t cluster feed at all, he just consistently fed every 3 hours. So this made thing easier for me whilst I endured all these symptoms from my milk coming in!

I did spend many days very insecure at the slightest thing to do with feeding Jonah. For the first 2 days when my colostrum was in he would feed every 3 hours for around 30 mins. However once my milk came in the duration of feeding time went down to only about 7 minutes on average. He would suck like a Hoover for a short time and then be done. I worried he had issues with feeding and wasn’t getting enough as all the brochures I was given or articles I read stated average feeding times of 30-45 mins! So naturally I jumped to my own conclusions. Well, when my midwife made her house calls and weighed Jonah it was clear the kid was packing on the pounds and was well and truly getting enough. At day 4 he had regained his birth weight plus nearly 100g! At 3 weeks he was 5 kilos. She said he was a very efficient feeder and was taking what he needed but just in a very short space of time. It was only then I let go of that issue. To this day Jonah never feeds long. 15 mins tops if that! Only before bed will he feed half an hour. Every baby is different, so I’m told all the time.


Token milk drunk photo!



Now that God has taken me through child birth and I have my son, and I see how dependant he is on me and how much he is growing and developing because I am the source of his food. My mindset has changed. It’s almost as if God has softened me towards this and my fear and dread of breast feeding left after a couple of weeks. I went from enjoying it most of the time to loving it. I love being able to bond with my son through the experience, I love knowing I can give him the best possible nutrients through my milk and what I eat. I’m proud of his weight gain and healthiness because of what I am giving him 😊 It makes sense to me now that if I can breastfeed and my son can latch well and feed well I should be thankful for this experience and not look to avoid it.

Fast forward almost 6 months and I love breastfeeding so much. It’s one of my most favourite things to do as a mother. It brings me so much joy and happiness. So many precious and funny memories have come from Jonah feeding, or latching on. It’s like there’s Jonah when he’s feeding and Jonah when he’s not feeding – 2 different sides to him. If this makes sense? I spend most of his feeding time staring at him nowadays as I’m doing my best to savour the experience. I used to see it as a bit mundane to begin with and the early weeks are a blur. Now I sit there with him, leave my phone behind and just be there in the moment, gazing at his gorgeous little face and his ever changing facial expressions. I get emotional when I think that the weeks are limited of exclusive breastfeeding as I start to introduce more solids. I’m proud of us both and thankful to the Lord that I have exclusively breastfeed for almost 6 months. What a beautiful experience and gift, and a journey that has taught me about sacrifice, selflessness, love and patience.

God has continually taught me through my short time of being a mum that there is no fear in something natural that He has ordained. I’m still learning so much about my new job as a mother but having no fear and to rely on Him is one of the first of many things I’ve learned.


Thanks for reading 🙏🏼😘


Jess xx



May the blogging begin – my first entry

No body needs a large following on social media to start a blog. I almost can’t believe that in the opening line of my own blog I’m stating that. However in an age where ones opinion of another seems to rest on what their social media status or “image” is, I think I can get away with it. To some, masses of followers = a voice more worthy to be heard. So they follow, and listen, and copy, and take on board anything said as gospel by this person (or people) exclusively.

Well I disagree and won’t be prevented from starting my own blog site because I’m not well known and don’t have many followers on Instagram (I don’t have Facebook so Instagram is my only social media interaction!) I won’t be boxed in by any ridiculous theory that because few people follow me I am ill advised to start a blog about my passions, opinions, inspirations and journey. There was a brief moment I paused and thought “should YOU start your own blog?” Straight afterwards I was ashamed in myself that I even started to conform to that way of thinking. Of course I can. It may not be perfectly presented and not many people may read it but that shouldn’t deter me. It’s not for the masses it’s for a few. That’s what I want. To encourage a smaller community of women to break the mould and read something inspiring or encouraging written by another woman who may not be known to them but is relatable in some way. I believe women need something of substance to read in a world full of repetitive “junk articles” and in time I hope this blog provides that. In a way this sounds like I’m trying to justify my decision to start a blog so I’ll stop there haha. I can get carried away sometimes as you’ll notice in my writing.

One reason I am starting a blog is because I get pleasure from writing and always have since my high school years. I’m an avid reader and enjoy written language. I’ve never studied it but I enjoy it none the less, and lose myself in a good book or article when I come across one. I go through seasons of extensive reading. When I get over the initial laziness I do also love writing and allowing my thoughts to flood the paper. Or in this case: screen.

I also love passionate verbal conversation, both from an individual or group…seeing people externalising their personal convictions. So really a blog is perfect for me as I get to do all of this. Be a voice on a screen. I also cannot wait to invite other women I know to write their thoughts and experiences on my blog so collectively we can share, touch, bless, educate (in a non patronising way) and encourage one another. I don’t want this blog to be all about me and what I think exclusively. However until I ask others if they would do me the favour and write something for my blog it’s just me for now 🙂

Coming to think of it I suppose I started blogging on my Instagram photos I upload without even realising it. I often write massive spiels about my progress, opinions or experiences on a certain subject.

It suddenly came to me that I could have a larger space to write, blog and document all my thoughts, and also somewhere I can archive recipes and workouts I have been conjuring and creating for months so that I never forget or lose them. Not only this but I could possibly inspire, encourage and motivate other women with the content of my page/blog. So this new venture has a dual benefit for me. I only hope it will positively benefit others, or at least get people thinking.

I will double up here and cut and paste what I have written in the section of “Introducing myself” below as part of my first entry as to how I feel about starting my own blog:

Writing a blog in my opinion is also a responsibility of sorts, to make sure I convey and maintain honesty, integrity and respect in how I approach subjects and voice my opinions. I want to remain true to who I am and my words to be true to my fundamental character at all times. This does mean that I will go against the “norm” with my opinions. I am a passionate non conformist with my ideas and opinions and I do look forward to externalising that through my blog. I aim to write about some thought provoking subjects in an honest and transparent way, with a touch of wittiness 😝

I would say I am aiming to be the 3 words I have written under my blog title: relevant, raw and relatable. I want all women, mothers and otherwise to be able to find something on my blog that appeals, inspires, relates or touches them in some small way. 


I have prayed to the Lord for guidance before I have written anything on my blog site so far, as I want Him to be a part of everything I do. I believe I am finally at a stage in my life where I can write from a place of contentment and freedom within myself. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have been. How one is in their personal life would reflect in their writing – I earnestly believe this. I didn’t want to be writing or exploring subjects from a place of bitterness, a hard spiteful heart, naivety or even jealousy. I don’t want to treat my blog as a nagging and distasteful platform and treat any readers as sounding board for my negativity that would leave a bad taste in their mouth. So because I am a changed person and I am in a stable, happy and content place in my life I feel it’s the right time for me to write. I pray that anyone who reads this enjoys it….


Oh one more thing, I’ve designed and created this site and blog all on my own, predominantly using my phone not my laptop 😳 I’m in no way a very IT savvy person so please be kind to me haha it’s basic but I’ve done it all myself and with time I can add some frills. It’s a work in progress and not all tabs are full or complete yet (I’ll add to them as I need to!) I’m happy for now with how it’s turned out! I’ve deprioritised this blog for many weeks now and worked on it little bits at a time since Jonah was a month old from memory. I thought I better actually start writing and can always focus on the creative part later 😝


Take care 🙏🏼