Introducing Myself

Hello to anyone who has clicked on my blog and welcome!

My name is Jessica. I am a 31 year old wife to a loving husband Phil, mother to our 2 beautiful sons Jonah and Makaio, a born again Christian and a passionate health and fitness enthusiast.  I have only been married 4 years, so honestly marriage and motherhood is still fresh and new to me. I have much to learn and have a lot of growth to do in those areas. I am an amateur compared to many, but I accept this and I cannot be any further on in my journey than what I am currently.

My passion for health and fitness however has been more long standing. I have been training for 11 years, with a couple of off periods now and then. In more recent years I have reached a much higher level of fitness and my knowledge on training has broadened substantially. My training has progressed and evolved as I’ve experimented with different training styles and genres, finding what works best for me and discovering what I believe true fitness to be. Over the years I have increased my knowledge and educated myself on nutrition and healthy eating, nourishing my body with whole foods and slowly becoming more confident in the kitchen to experiment with recipes of my own.

A big part of my life before I was married I have written about in “My testimony” page, as that was from the time when I wasn’t a Christian and speaks of my journey in becoming one and finding Christ, and how I was before. My new life now is how I introduce myself to you – as this is me, and who I am now, today and will continue to be 🙂

I married the love of my life on the 1st March 2015. We were engaged at exactly 6 months on the 4/11/15 and married 3 days shy of our 10 months in March. I am so humbled and eternally grateful to Christ that he gave me a man that honoured and respected me enough to wait for me, and who wanted to honour his commitment to the Lord also by doing this. Such a rare and beautiful attribute to a man that rarely exists these days. My marriage and little family is a passion of mine and since experiencing motherhood and marriage it has given me a whole scope of new ventures to write about.

Writing a blog is a new venture for me, however voicing and discussing my passions with others isn’t anything new. Having a blog gives me a larger platform to document and “journal” my life’s passions, my experiences, my journey, my opinions, ideas and inspiration online. The only thing new is that people I am not as familiar with or do not know get to read all the above. To me, this is a combination of something exciting and slightly overwhelming at the same time.

As I feel my way forward with blogging I want to make sure I convey and maintain honesty, integrity and respect in how I approach subjects and voice my opinions. I want to remain true to who I am and my words to be true to my fundamental character at all times. This does mean that I will go against the “norm” with my opinions. I am a passionate non conformist with my ideas and opinions and I do look forward to externalising that through my blog. I aim to write about some thought provoking subjects in an honest and transparent way, with a touch of wittiness 😝

I would say I am aiming to be the 3 distinct words: relevant, raw and relatable. I want all women, mothers and otherwise to be able to find something on my blog that appeals, inspires, relates or touches them in some small way.