Women Who Inspire

I really wanted to share with others that read my blog the women that inspire me in my life. I wanted somewhere I could talk about/do a write up about each woman that inspires me and why, as I feel it’s so important to acknowledge and appreciate other women that surround you who really contribute and add something to your life, who motivate you or improve your way of thinking. Some of these women are an inspiration to me fitness wise and others for their character, business savvy, personal attributes and commitment to their various ways of life.

Admittedly I haven’t been inspired by many women in my life, as I find the word “inspirational” gets thrown around a lot without much care. People are inspired by any photo or post they see these days without knowing the person behind it, what they stand for, how they are in the flesh day after day. They are sucked in by hashtags that give them a fairytale impression that this woman they are looking at is to be looked up to or held in high esteem because she has a bikini on, a small waist, a thigh gap and possibly eating or holding some colourful fruit on a beach somewhere 😑 These women are inspired by a smokescreen of filters and crops and they sadly don’t even realise it.

I’m grateful I am now surrounded by women who inspire me in my life, and feel privileged that I know them and can draw motivation and inspiration from them. I am encouraged and uplifted by them all for different reasons and I count myself blessed because of this. I take great pride in knowing I draw inspiration from women who I know personally, who I see and interact with in a personal way – in the flesh. I see their constant commitment to their way of life and they do it without hundreds and thousands of people applauding them (however one day there might be!) and stay committed day in and day out. They aren’t trying to be glamorous or famous, they aren’t fake, manufactured and over exaggerated. I admire each of them for these things and praise them for their genuinity and authentic passion, commitment and beauty. This is why they inspire me. I see them, I know them and I am moved.

I think many women want to be an inspiration to others also, they strive for it to expand their popularity and reach socially. When it really comes down to it and I examine what others classify as inspirational I come back with disappointment and draw a blank. What about this person REALLY inspires? Look past what they are posting. Do you know them, can you vouch they are an actual inspiration and follow through with what they claim to do or be? Are they an everyday woman that is relatable and real? Or are they showcasing the best highlight reel and airbrushed angle of themselves? That’s why “inspirational” women on social media should not be the backbone of your inspiration. It should firstly be women you know and encounter on a regular basis in your life before anyone “famous” on social media. Yes there is nothing negative about admiring or being inspired by the occasional well known person, however what could be better than surrounding yourself with real women that inspire you everyday instead of only accessing that via a second hand experience through a phone screen???

So many women want to inspire 1000’s and build an empire doing so. How about being an inspiration for a handful of people only. How would that sit with you? It sits perfectly with me. I’d be content if I inspired only the women that inspire me!! To inspire the people in my life that know me well. That would be enough. And I hope it can one day be enough for anyone who reads this. Examine this subject over a cup of tea. Women that inspire you, and why??

Here are mine, and I hope you enjoy meeting them 😁




Angela Brown 


Angela – my real life inspiration!


I met Angela many months ago at my then local gym – Think 24hr Fitness. I always used to glance over her way when she would train-  distracted by her impressive physique and her vigorous, focused and often gruelling training sessions. I would comment to my husband “that woman is a rig!” and would openly admire her for how dedicated she was to her fitness. It’s impossible to have a body like Ange’s without consistent hard work, over many years of committing herself to training. Phil my husband would agree that she was impressive, and we pondered whether she had kids or not. I decided that it was unlikely as I hadn’t seen a hard, muscley and lean Physique such as Angela’s before that has carried children! Haha well that was an incorrect assumption! After meeting Angela and chatting to her I discovered that yes she was a mother to 2 boys, ages 25 and 22. This instantly made her an even greater inspiration to me – she was a women who had 2 children and still looked the way she did afterwards. It was when I was pregnant in my early weeks that I connected with Angela so from that point I’ve been more encouraged by women I know that have maintained a balance between a high level of fitness and motherhood. I’m so inspired by the way she gets to the gym, flogs herself with brutal sessions, doesn’t cut corners, gets in there and gets it done – no excuses.


When I say I admire Angela’s high level of fitness I don’t mean your average boot camp style class fitness level (no offence to women who consider this fitness – each to their own!) I don’t mean follow a fitness trend of someone’s program after 3 months and get a faint outline of abs fit. I mean athlete level fit. I mean you’re so physically wrecked that you can’t speak after a session fit. The gasping for air and the occasional groaning fit. The stale sweat, hard focused look, drenched hair line, non glamorous, rough calluses and dirty workout gear fit. As in you can’t even fathom a coffee catchup afterwards as you’ve got no energy left for that! You get the picture. This is Angela. For me to admire anything less would be a bit insulting after my own 10 years of on and off training!!!

Angela 1 year progress photo. Left: strength and conditioning focus. Right: cardio based training
Ange doing strict toes to bar 👌🏼


Since being pregnant and having a baby I have shifted my eyes towards women who are in the same boat as I am. A mother, a woman who loves to maintain a high level of fitness, push her body to new heights physically and has a healthy relationship with her body and food. This is Angela to a T. Angela’s whole outlook on training mirrors my own and is one I admire:

• Constantly set goals and strive to achieve them.

• Allow your training to constantly evolve.

• Mix up your training and find an even balance between strength, power, flexibility, indurance, cardiovascular and metabolic fitness and agility.

• Avoid pursuing trends in the industry.

• Don’t train for the attention and the accolades – so it for yourself and when no one is watching.

• Commit to training as a lifestyle, not as a 12 week seasonally challenge for a “bikini ready body”.

• Have a high level of appreciation and respect for your body and what it can do.


What I love about Angela is that she was into a fit lifestyle way before it was cool and the huge trend hit town. She has maintained a fit and active lifestyle since after she has her first son, which was when she was 25. Angela is 50 this year. That’s 25 years of commitment to fitness. Angela began her active lifestyle playing squash after her first son was born, and progressed to weight training, running and basketball after her second son. Since that her training has evolved into what it is today.

What a person to admire and aspire to be like fitness wise. She doesn’t do it for the social media attention, for the likes or for the popularity. She does it for the love of fitness, love of health, love of the challenge, love of the lifestyle and love of being a strong and capable woman. This is why Angela is the reason I thought to create this page on my site. She’s my number one inspiration 👊🏼 I hope every woman reading this can find someone of the same calibre to admire!