About Me

I am a Christian, wife to loving husband and mother to my 2 sons. I was born and raised in Brisbane all my life and my parents and 3 younger sisters also still live here. I promote, live and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. My passion for health, wellness and fitness has been a big part of me for many years and I’ve been sharing this with others long before starting a blog.

I am not a well known or social media famous woman, nor do I aspire to be. If anything this means I can share more freely without the pressures, obligations and restraints that many eyes and followers would bring – and I love that. I am simply your “girl next door” type that’s giving this whole blog thing a go as a hobby, hoping to encourage, inspire and motivate even a few other women along the way. I am honest and transparent about the struggles of being a content and confident woman in today’s society, being a mother, and maintaining balance whilst achieving optimum health and fitness. I embrace truth, passion and non conformity.

Please see my other drop downs for a more detailed intro about me!