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May the blogging begin – my first entry

No body needs a large following on social media to start a blog. I almost can’t believe that in the opening line of my own blog I’m stating that. However in an age where ones opinion of another seems to rest on what their social media status or “image” is, I think I can get away with it. To some, masses of followers = a voice more worthy to be heard. So they follow, and listen, and copy, and take on board anything said as gospel by this person (or people) exclusively.

Well I disagree and won’t be prevented from starting my own blog site because I’m not well known and don’t have many followers on Instagram (I don’t have Facebook so Instagram is my only social media interaction!) I won’t be boxed in by any ridiculous theory that because few people follow me I am ill advised to start a blog about my passions, opinions, inspirations and journey. There was a brief moment I paused and thought “should YOU start your own blog?” Straight afterwards I was ashamed in myself that I even started to conform to that way of thinking. Of course I can. It may not be perfectly presented and not many people may read it but that shouldn’t deter me. It’s not for the masses it’s for a few. That’s what I want. To encourage a smaller community of women to break the mould and read something inspiring or encouraging written by another woman who may not be known to them but is relatable in some way. I believe women need something of substance to read in a world full of repetitive “junk articles” and in time I hope this blog provides that. In a way this sounds like I’m trying to justify my decision to start a blog so I’ll stop there haha. I can get carried away sometimes as you’ll notice in my writing.

One reason I am starting a blog is because I get pleasure from writing and always have since my high school years. I’m an avid reader and enjoy written language. I’ve never studied it but I enjoy it none the less, and lose myself in a good book or article when I come across one. I go through seasons of extensive reading. When I get over the initial laziness I do also love writing and allowing my thoughts to flood the paper. Or in this case: screen.

I also love passionate verbal conversation, both from an individual or group…seeing people externalising their personal convictions. So really a blog is perfect for me as I get to do all of this. Be a voice on a screen. I also cannot wait to invite other women I know to write their thoughts and experiences on my blog so collectively we can share, touch, bless, educate (in a non patronising way) and encourage one another. I don’t want this blog to be all about me and what I think exclusively. However until I ask others if they would do me the favour and write something for my blog it’s just me for now 🙂

Coming to think of it I suppose I started blogging on my Instagram photos I upload without even realising it. I often write massive spiels about my progress, opinions or experiences on a certain subject.

It suddenly came to me that I could have a larger space to write, blog and document all my thoughts, and also somewhere I can archive recipes and workouts I have been conjuring and creating for months so that I never forget or lose them. Not only this but I could possibly inspire, encourage and motivate other women with the content of my page/blog. So this new venture has a dual benefit for me. I only hope it will positively benefit others, or at least get people thinking.

I will double up here and cut and paste what I have written in the section of “Introducing myself” below as part of my first entry as to how I feel about starting my own blog:

Writing a blog in my opinion is also a responsibility of sorts, to make sure I convey and maintain honesty, integrity and respect in how I approach subjects and voice my opinions. I want to remain true to who I am and my words to be true to my fundamental character at all times. This does mean that I will go against the “norm” with my opinions. I am a passionate non conformist with my ideas and opinions and I do look forward to externalising that through my blog. I aim to write about some thought provoking subjects in an honest and transparent way, with a touch of wittiness 😝

I would say I am aiming to be the 3 words I have written under my blog title: relevant, raw and relatable. I want all women, mothers and otherwise to be able to find something on my blog that appeals, inspires, relates or touches them in some small way. 


I have prayed to the Lord for guidance before I have written anything on my blog site so far, as I want Him to be a part of everything I do. I believe I am finally at a stage in my life where I can write from a place of contentment and freedom within myself. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have been. How one is in their personal life would reflect in their writing – I earnestly believe this. I didn’t want to be writing or exploring subjects from a place of bitterness, a hard spiteful heart, naivety or even jealousy. I don’t want to treat my blog as a nagging and distasteful platform and treat any readers as sounding board for my negativity that would leave a bad taste in their mouth. So because I am a changed person and I am in a stable, happy and content place in my life I feel it’s the right time for me to write. I pray that anyone who reads this enjoys it….


Oh one more thing, I’ve designed and created this site and blog all on my own, predominantly using my phone not my laptop 😳 I’m in no way a very IT savvy person so please be kind to me haha it’s basic but I’ve done it all myself and with time I can add some frills. It’s a work in progress and not all tabs are full or complete yet (I’ll add to them as I need to!) I’m happy for now with how it’s turned out! I’ve deprioritised this blog for many weeks now and worked on it little bits at a time since Jonah was a month old from memory. I thought I better actually start writing and can always focus on the creative part later 😝


Take care 🙏🏼



3 thoughts on “May the blogging begin – my first entry

  1. Hi Jess, ive been following you for a while on IG now, and find your photos and spiels inspirational! I myself have just had a baby too, and am embarking on my post pregnancy fitness journey too. Looking forward to reading more blog entries!!

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    1. Hey Jess! Thanks so much for leaving the very first comment on my blog 💜 I’m really touched that you find my Instagram inspirational and appreciate your longer standing support. It means alot that you’d take the time to read what I have to say. I hope it makes a positive impact and you continue to enjoy reading what I write. Congratulations on your new arrival. Motherhood is such an incredible journey isn’t it? However one that we all need support in. I hope you and your little baby are coping well 🙏🏼💜 Blessings x


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